What If There Was a Way to Escape The Nastiness of Today’s Society? Would You Do It?

I got up at 4:30 AM this morning. I’m in Chicago so with it being central time I saw the news of the Las Vegas terror attack/shooting long before most people I know.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I lived in Vegas for a year back in 2012 and I’m VERY familiar with the area where the attack happened. Saying it was a tragedy doesn’t even begin to do justice to what had happened. It was a nightmare unfolding.

Throughout the day I’ve tried to think of what I wanted to say, if anything. For the past decade I’ve covered these kinds of events as a journalist and I’ve always had a LOT to say about them if/when they happen. But in light of my exit from politics, news and the madness that controls the daily narrative in America today… for the first time in a long time I found myself rather speechless.

There is a sickness permeating our nation and our planet. Something is just not right. (more…)

Stepping Away From Politics For Good – And What The Future Holds

This post is long overdue and there are so many things I’ve wanted to say but just haven’t been ready to say them. Today is about as good a day as any, I suppose, so it’s now time to talk a little about where I’ve been and where I’m going. Should anyone care to read it all, of course.

Those who know me know I’ve been very passionate about politics for the past 13+ years. I got my first taste in political activism back in 2004 and was hooked. I wasn’t a conservative, I wasn’t a liberal, I wasn’t a Republican or a Democrat. I just saw a lot of corruption, lies and distractions that bothered me and I didn’t feel the American people were being properly represented.

So I packed up my (more…)

NOT GOOD: North Korea Just Tested a Massive Nuclear Weapon – Causes Mag 6.3 Tremor – World on Alert

I woke up this morning to all kinds of breaking news notifications on my phone, all pointing at news that North Korea has apparently tested the largest nuclear weapon ever tested in its history.

The nuke, estimated to be 100 kilotons in size, is 10 times larger than any nuke they’ve tested and 5 times larger than a nuclear bomb the U.S. dropped on Japan. It was reportedly tested in an underground facility and caused a magnitude 6.3 tremor.

This is highly concerning. I know many within my network believe the U.S. would steamroll North Korea if it came to war, but I don’t share that feeling. A war with North Korea would be devastating on many levels and I think many underestimate the complexities of war of this magnitude in that part of the world.

Further more, this North Korea issue strikes me as strange. North Korea has (more…)

Twitter & Facebook Don’t Want You Unfollowing People

A few months back I began a massive purge on Facebook. I know a lot of people frown upon this as a general practice and I get why. But the fact is with 5,000 “friends” my feed was utterly useless. What I wanted to see is what Facebook determined I shouldn’t see, and what I didn’t care about had completely dominated my feed and notifications.

Plus, were all 5,000 of my “friends” actual friends? Of course not. Not even close. Of those I actually know, connect with and communicate with the actual number was around 150.

So I figured hey, I’ll just remove everyone real quick and start all over from scratch. It didn’t take more than a few (more…)