NOT GOOD: North Korea Just Tested a Massive Nuclear Weapon – Causes Mag 6.3 Tremor – World on Alert

This could get ugly and fast

September 3, 2017

I woke up this morning to all kinds of breaking news notifications on my phone, all pointing at news that North Korea has apparently tested the largest nuclear weapon ever tested in its history.

The nuke, estimated to be 100 kilotons in size, is 10 times larger than any nuke they’ve tested and 5 times larger than a nuclear bomb the U.S. dropped on Japan. It was reportedly tested in an underground facility and caused a magnitude 6.3 tremor.

This is highly concerning. I know many within my network believe the U.S. would steamroll North Korea if it came to war, but I don’t share that feeling. A war with North Korea would be devastating on many levels and I think many underestimate the complexities of war of this magnitude in that part of the world.

Further more, this North Korea issue strikes me as strange. North Korea has now, on multiple occasions, proven its ability to strike opponents with medium to long range missile carried weapons. Yet it has not done so.

Why? It seems to my novice mind that North Korea wants an attack to come its way. It doesn’t want to be the attacker. And an attack on North Korea would provide them a reason to actually hit foreign targets by claiming self defense.

Of course, if such an attack by North Korea happened we all know they are the provoker, but would all foreign nations view it that way if our military attacked them first? And would all foreign nations, such as Iran, Russia, China, etc., take our side?

Not likely.

It all feels like we’re being drawn into something deadly here. Again, if North Korea wants to attack the U.S. or U.S. allies, it has now proven it can… yet it hasn’t.

I don’t want to see us dragged into another deadly war. It’s the last thing we need right now. I know North Korea is a threat. It has been for a signifiant chunk of my lifetime. But I just don’t understand why they make threats with no moves to follow through on them. And their escalation looks to me to be designed to provoke us to strike first.

If and when that happens, all hell breaks loose across the globe.

Not good, folks. Not good at all.

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