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March 2, 2017

Hi there!

If you’re looking at this page (and you are) then you’re probably wondering… who the hell is this Eric Odom guy? Well, I’m not going to build out some extravagant resume page with flashy images and slick narratives. I will, however, give you the basics and recommend you connect with me on Facebook and Twitter to follow my daily updates.

So I’m a digital marketing consultant with a heavy past background in the political realm. I say past because, well, because I’ve recently walked away from politics for good. It’s a nasty world full of nasty people, many of whom just don’t enjoy life for the miracle it is. And during my time in politics I lost focus of the beauty of life. I lost focus of what matters.

Plus, to be quite frank, I’m just sick of politics. Sick of Washington. Sick of all political parties. Sick of the drama involved. Sick of it all.

I’ve spent the past decade working in communication, marketing and visual story telling. Mostly within the political world. I did enjoy a lot of my work. I enjoyed learning from experience and I feel I’ve come out of it all with a completely different perspective and skill-set.

In addition to the skills to pay the bills, I’ve also been blessed to have amassed a sizable following on social media. All of it organic without a penny spent. My Facebook page has more than 100,000 followers with nearly 10,000 following on Twitter. Many of these people have become good friends and through this network a lot of opportunity to do what I love has come about.

I’m now transitioning into a career doing what I love most. Story telling through visual media.

Video production has always been the work I love most. Working with video and the stories that can be told through it doesn’t feel like work to me. It feels like something I would do with or without compensation.

Where I’m going in the near future combines my love for video work with my passion for the outdoors and travel. I’ve been traveling the world since my 18th birthday. The nomadic mindset has been engrained in me my entire life. I love to roam, see the world, explore new places and always have new environments to dwell in.

So the idea of escaping politics and bringing my talents to a point in life where I can be nomadic while putting my skills to work doing so is extremely appealing. An appeal that I fully intend to answer and embrace.

If you like nomad related content with a heavy hint of “unplugging from society’s grid,” follow me on social media and come along for the ride. I think you’re going to like what’s in the works.

-Eric Odom


Muckraker. Nu Disco fan. Video Production Geek. Digital Marketing Nerd. Politicians suck. Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks & Bulls!