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What If There Was a Way to Escape The Nastiness of Today’s Society? Would You Do It?

October 3, 2017

I got up at 4:30 AM this morning. I’m in Chicago so with it being central time I saw the news of the Las Vegas terror attack/shooting long before most people I know.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I lived in Vegas for a year back in 2012 and I’m VERY familiar with the area where the attack happened. Saying it was a tragedy doesn’t even begin to do justice to what had happened. It was a nightmare unfolding.

Throughout the day I’ve tried to think of what I wanted to say, if anything. For the past decade I’ve covered these kinds of events as a journalist and I’ve always had a LOT to say about them if/when they happen. But in light of my exit from politics, news and the madness that controls the daily narrative in America today… for the first time in a long time I found myself rather speechless.

There is a sickness permeating our nation and our planet. Something is just not right.

And for years I’ve fought to convince people we need to get right. I’ve fought at the ballot box, in communities and at every turn possible. I’ve fought to expose the corruption and sickness that now seems to rule much of our world.

All to no avail.

As many of my followers know, I’m taking a full time position as Director of Programming & Development for Square House Creative beginning November 1st, 2017. The production company is producing a lot of content surrounding stories of those who have “unplugged” from society.

This is something I’ve always had an interest in. I’ve always been keenly aware of a need to be prepared for any scenario. I’ve always had an escape plan in the back of my mind should shit ever hit the fan.

But I always thought of escaping society in a different way than I do now. This all thanks to the stories brewing over at Square House Creative.

You see, previously unbeknownst to me there are actually hundreds of thousands of Americans¬† who have successfully dismantled the grip modern society holds over us. How? Well, believe it or not, they’re doing this through a full time RV life.

Yes, you read that right. Full time living in an RV. As in… a recreational vehicle.

I’m not old but I’m not young either. At 37 years of age I always saw RV living as a sort of “recreational retirement.” Something too expensive or costly for me or anyone my age to entertain.

But through this new job and the discovery of thousands of full time RVers I now see a completely different world out there. A world in which many Americans, young and old, have figured out how to completely side step the mainstream view of the American dream in pursuit of a version they can paint themselves. One they have full control over. One they dictate.

I’m not overstating it when I say hundreds of thousands of Americans are living full time in an RV. They have the freedom to travel where they want, when they want and stay for however long they want. They live minimalist lives because… well because everything they own is in their home on wheels. And an RV can only hold so much weight.

So the needless “stuff” always being marketed to us has no relevance for them. Life isn’t about material things and TV upgrades. The only material things these nomads need are the essentials to function while roaming the open road.

Now if you’re not familiar with the full time RV movement you’re probably thinking these are a bunch of odd balls setting out to live the lifestyle. But you would be surprised that most of them are people just like you.

For example:

Just to name a few…

Sounds crazy, right? Surely that’s not affordable. And what do they do for work?

Well, first of all full time RV life can actually be far more affordable than standard traditional living. Property taxes, high state income taxes, homeowners associations, high utility bills, building codes, etc are not relevant. Many full time RV families are living wherever they want, when they want for less than $2,000 a month. TOTAL!

And thanks to the digital age, finding ways to work from the road is easier than ever. For those who can’t easily generate income online, there are plenty of opportunities via organizations like Workamper.

This is a fascinating new world to explore and I’m thrilled my new position will empower me to study it, film it and document it. It’s a world that, to be honest, is sorely needed today.

A world where the simple things matter most. A world in which life itself is important, not the football score, the latest celebrity gossip and Presidential tweets.

I’ve spent a lot of time camping and unplugging in the past few weeks. I’ve gotten off the news grid and admired the world we live in. And in doing so, I feel more free than I ever have before.

We as a society need to take a good hard look at what matters to us. Because when our focus gets distorted as a people, bad things happen. Evil prevails.

So let me ask… does full time RV living sound interesting to you? Is getting off the mainstream grid and unplugged from the grind society dictates for us something you would consider?

I’m sincerely interested to know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

-Eric Odom


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