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What a Whirlwind The Past Two Months Have Been!

December 27, 2017

The past two months have been an extreme whirlwind. My transition from a life of politics and activism to one of outdoor adventure and film has been rather interesting to say the least.

If you had told me two years back that I would be integrated into a team of influential YouTubers, collaborating on a massive project to document the full time RV movement in film I would have said you’ve lost your mind. Yet here we are.

Doing exactly that.

Not only have I been honored with the task of Producing a feature length film for the RV lifestyle, I’ve also published a book titled RV Nomads. A book that outlines my own nomadic history and my introduction to the RV life that many tens of thousands of Americans are now actively pursuing.

How on earth could I make such a leap? How could a transition of this scale be realistic? Well, the transition is manageable because I’m not the only one doing it. There is a huge crowdsourced support system out there for people like me. A system made up of people who have broken free from the matrix as well as those actively unplugging from it. Literally hundreds of thousands of people are living a full time nomad life. Much in part thanks to the reality that digital nomadism is now possible. Young and old, and every age group between…. full time travel is now widely available and possible for anyone willing to put in the sweat equity to achieve it.

Long gone are the days where we all have to fit in the “American Dream” mold shaped and sold to us by globalist corporations. There is now more than one path to take, and many of us are figuring out that while this new path will certainly have challenges and hardships up front, once its learned it provides freedom unlike any other.

Over the past few months I’ve met countless full time nomads. Some with fortunes in their bank accounts and others with just enough to feed themselves and get by. But what they all have in common is they control their next move in life. They control where they’ll live, how they’ll live and who they will live around. One week that may be in the mountains of southern Arizona and the next it may be Elephant Butte New Mexico. These full time nomads get to choose. They pick their adventures and go live them.

What an incredible world I’ve stepped in to. And while there has been a little down time, time to roam out into the desert and reflect on it all, I’ve been very busy trying to understand it. Trying to live it all. Trying to take it in and ponder its true meaning.

There is still a lot to learn. There are many, many people to meet and a lot of stories to tell. But one thing remains constant. I’m no longer living in a world where people will burn you, betray you, slander you then throw you away when you are no longer of any use to them. Leaving politics has been liberating in ways words just can’t describe.

I haven’t looked at political news in weeks. I don’t watch cable news anymore and I no longer care about the latest betrayal at the hands of a corrupt politician. That’s now all noise that I no longer have to hear.

It’s not that I don’t care. I most certainly do. But I no longer have to give my valuable time to that nonsense. Politics is easy to understand. Hundreds of corrupt people trick the electorate into electing them then betray us all. It’s not that difficult to understand. I’ve seen this all firsthand. I’ve had a front row seat. Hell, I’ve been a part of it.

So why would I waste my time to “be informed” about the decisions these corrupt people are making? Why would I wade into divisive debates and discussions that have no real positive outcome of what happens in our nation? The electorate is going to continue electing looters and these looters will continue looting us all. It’s the name of the game. It’s the way it is.

And until the electorate gets that, until we as a society decide we’re all on the same team while those in Washington are the enemy… I would prefer to explore the world we live in and the people who share that goal.

I would prefer to breath fresh air in the mountains, watch the vast array of colors cross the sky when the sun goes down in the west and experience new places and people with every new day.

That’s what full time nomadism affords. That’s what these past few months have brought forth.

Think this is some sort of pipe dream? Think this is a life not attainable by your or most people you know. You would be surprised. And if you want the details on how many are doing it… head on over to Amazon and pick up my book RV Nomads.

And, of course, keep an eye on EPIC Nomad TV as we have a lot of incredible stories coming in 2018.

A whirlwind indeed. One I’m completely content being caught up in.

-Eric Odom


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