Eric… Who?

I’m a Marine Corps veteran, licensed Master Barber, and barbershop owner. Like so many other people who have faced hardships in their career, I was forced to adapt—and quickly—when I decided to open my shop in 2020, amidst a Global Pandemic.

My painful layoff opened up my eyes to the amazing world of entrepreneurship, and since then I’ve built several successful online businesses, impacted millions of people around the world, and I get to spend more time with my family, too.

I didn’t go to business school and I’m not an expert copywriter or genius marketer. I am, however, a person who knows that building a successful business is about helping serve others first, and then building a team, or systems, to lean into that service even more. My goals in life are NOT to buy an island, drive a lambo or live in a 10 bedroom home on the hills of Hollywood.

My goals are instead to inspire everyone around me through the actions that I take, the lessons that I learn and the happiness I can share with others.

The Barber Traffic Blog

I created the Barber Traffic Blog because I know firsthand how useful blogs are for learning about business strategies and tactics. So, through my show, I reveal all of my online business and client exposure strategies, income sources, and effective marketing tips and tricks so you can get ahead of the curve with your online endeavor.

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Guiding Principles

Working Hard

Working hard empathizes productivity and achievement. This guiding principle is important because it promotes a healthy work ethic and helps set employees up for success.

Always Learning

A commitment to learning is also an important guiding principle because it helps prepare professionals for a changing environment by prioritizing constant improvement.

Be Adaptable

Valuing adaptability within your company can encourage professionals to react well to change and commit to innovative work practices. Adopting this guiding principle is important because it allows your company to change with social movements, economic changes and company growth.

My books cut the confusion, trim the learning time and get you results.”

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