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Facebook’s Biggest Problem Is They No Longer Have Any Friends

April 9, 2018

I know I know… not another “Facebook sucks” post, right? There are certainly no shortage of them out there these days. The company is having to testify to congress…

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DIGITAL NOMADISM: When Every Day Is Like Climbing A Mountain…

March 8, 2018

Today began as follows:

5:57 AM: Worked on movie script for RV Nomads – The Movie for approximately 45 minutes.
6:00 AM: Worked on dealing with emails related to…

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Don’t Just Be a Builder… Be a Disruptor

March 7, 2018

Disruptor: a person or thing that prevents something, especially a system, process, or event, from continuing as usual or as expected
Think big.

What do those two words mean to you?…

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A Super Simple Way to Create a New HTACCESS File for WordPress

March 2, 2018

We’re in the process of moving a ton of websites into a custom managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting environment and to say there have been some roadblocks would be an…

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TheChive Sends Single Finger Salute to Facebook – Pledges to Quit The Social Network

February 28, 2018

You may or may not like content published by TheChive. Some people love it, some hate it. Actually, a lot like it.

In fact, according to Quantcast there are nearly…